Garde Robe


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Garde Robe

Imagine Traveling Luggage-Free and Having Access to Your  Wardrobe Worldwide

Garde Robe is the Nation’s First and Only Wardrobe Storage and Delivery Service for Travelers.

Garde Robe is thrilled to partner with Haute Explore. As part of Haute Explore’s Elite Package, clients can enjoy a one year membership to Garde Robe’s services.

Garde Robe’s Luggage-Free-Valet is a one-of-a-kind service for fashionable business travelers, globetrotters, pied-à-terre and multiplehome owners. Rather than pack a suitcase and travel with luggage, Garde Robe members keep their travel wardrobe, toiletries, personal items and even sports equipment in Garde Robe’s care and Haute Explore handles everything on their behalf.

Garde Robe Will:

  • Collect your travel wardrobe, accessories and toiletries
  • Photograph and catalog each item
  • Create your online Cyber Closet where you can select items for delivery
  • Deliver your wardrobe ready to wear
  • Collect and clean your wardrobe upon departure
  • Pack and ship to any location worldwide
  • Alleviate the hassles of packing, unpacking and traveling with luggage

Garde Robe Works With:

  • Frequent guests of five-star hotels
  • Globetrotters requiring worldwide access to their wardrobe
  • Business travelers seeking to avoid baggage claim and Customs hassles
  • Multiple homeowners with couture wardrobes
  • Fashion devotees who loathe packing and wrinkles

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