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Personalized & Comprehensive Luxury Service

You cannot VIP yourself. That is what we are here for through the comprehensive variety of luxury services, as a member, you will have access to most coveted and desired travel experiences.

Travel & Concierge Services

Our passion for travel combined with our extensive global experiences provides you with expert travel services that extend to every travel requirement. Each experience, whether it is a muti-generational family celebration, milestone celebration, a weekend away or for frequent business travel – requires the utmost discretion and complete dedication to providing exacting standards and exceeding expectations. Our personalized service always ensures that no request is repeated and no conversation feels like the first.

Special Interest & Shopping Experiences

We recognize that travel and lifestyle requirements are intrinsically linked. We also recognize that a worldly curiosity fuels a love of culture and experiences that go deep. We have developed bespoke opportunities designed for unique experiences at home and abroad. These services include, but are not limited to personal shopping; art curation; sommelier wine tours, atelier craftsmanship tours and more. With you in mind, we have created a full-service experience that is dedicated to curating the most unique travel opportunities as well as providing access to the best in life’s experiences at home and abroad.

Private Transportation

We believe that your journey to your desired destination is as important as the experience you choose. Through our extensive global partnerships, we can arrange for all of your private transportation needs . Procurement of private yachts, exotic and vintage cars, private aviation and more – we handle everything, when you need it, where you need it. Every step of your journey is our reward.

Personal Security & Privacy

We believe that you should not sacrifice opportunity for security. An essential requirement for the well-travelled and our Ultra High Net Worth clientele is the integration of physical security benefits for our clients. We work with your teams and independently to ensure the rooms chosen, transportation requirements, physical location considerations and security teams are all informed with the right information to ensure a seamless integration of your privacy and security considerations so that you can enjoy with ease.

Event Access

Event access: Your passion becomes our focus. Our global network of local experts will work tirelessly to get you the access to anything you want whether it is the most sought after events, shows, sports and cultural events. We are committed to putting all the pieces together to manage the details of your most desired experiences while you are away and while you are at home.