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Who We Are

Haute Explore is a membership-only luxury travel and lifestyle consultancy designed with one focus in mind, YOU.

We believe the needs of the well-traveled start well before the plane takes off and does not end when you land. With you in mind, we created a full-service experience that is dedicated to curating the most unique travel opportunities as well as providing access to the best in life’s experiences at home.

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Global Knowledge

We are committed to delivering authentically local experiences in each travel destination. Whether it is recommending something virtually uncharted off the beaten path, hard to access venues or moments curated to the specific needs of our guests, we have a global network of local experts to deliver unique experiences catering to the desires of each of our coveted members.


Personalized Service

We are re-introducing a standard of service that has been lost in the travel industry. Our approach is a dedicated, personal relationship with our clients that is focused on understanding each unique travel desire and carefully curating their travel needs with an intimate view of their lifestyle demands. Each state of the journey is immaculately organized so no time is wasted.


Passion & Purpose

Nothing is impossible at Haute Explore. We are a travel and lifestyle company committed to delivering the very best for each and every member. This means that we are on-call for our member all the time, and there is always somebody to take care of anything, not because we have to but because we are passionate about making every dream come true. Our passion and purpose begins with you.

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A Family Affair

Our success depends on the strength of a team that works together to leverage the knowledge and expertise of everyone to deliver the unique demands of each client. The intimacy of our operating style is the foundation of our relationship with all of our members. Simply put, we operate as a family that is passionately dedicated to ensuring that the moments we help create last a lifetime.